Yo hablo español

I was always obsessed with Spain and its culture. I think it began when I came across this Instagram account about  Queen Letizia of Spain. I have always been a stalker of sorts of royal families and I shamelessly concede to this every time.  Blame those fairy tales people read me to me when I was a child. Anyhow, after being obsessed with the Royal Family of Spain, I watched Zindagi na milegi dobara, and I was hooked. I decided I had to learn Spanish. I just had to.

So against my parent’s concerns, I enrolled myself at Instituto Cervantes de Nueva Delhi in August’14. It was the best birthday gift I could have given to myself. I remember the crazy fun that class was. I had the best teacher and some really cool classmates. The classes and the lessons seem a little hazy now, but I remember this one thing crystal clear, and that being: I was happy. I was more than happy. I never stopped grinning during those classes and I never cribbed.

I learnt so much about the Spanish culture and vicariously travelled Spain innumerable times. I remember being content dreaming about seeing Gabriel Garcia’s house, and backpacking the beaches.

This is just a desperate attempt to hold onto this feeling, this feeling of happiness, satisfaction and most importantly, it is a reminder to look out for the bigger picture. Learning about some country and their traditions is much like travelling, it helps you look out for more than your own little world. It helps you understand things at a global level, at a bigger level. It makes you yearn to be more than who you are, to be more than the place you were born in.

I have a gypsy heart, and till the time I actually get to travel, I’m going to satiate my wanderlust with articles about anything and everything Spanish. I might not know a lot, so feel free to reach out to me with suggestions/advice. I hope to learn a lot doing this, and I also hope you’ll be joining me too! Follow the posts, here!


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