Voice of a Teenage Soul

Teenage is a crazy time, like a really swear-to-God, whirlpool time. This craziness starts to bubble up inside, only to come out later as hurtful bubbling. It’s important that we learn how to express ourselves, lest we hurt people with cruel words. Anyhow, that’s a story for another time.

This page is just a collection of all that I write when I am at a low point in my life, or when I feel absolutely messed up. It was very easy for me to almost discard the idea to publish this particular page here. There’s already too much to deal with in life, and who would want to read this. But then I had to remind myself that I am not doing ‘Soy Surbhi’ for the people who may read it one day. I am doing it for myself. I am doing it so I have something to hold onto when I just want to give up. I want to chronicle my journey on this planet, via this blog. And something like that can’t be done without the sad and messy parts. As Claire, the loveable character in Letters to Juliet, said, “Life is the messy bits.”

So these are my messy bits, my weaknesses, my demons. If I were you, I wouldn’t bother to read them really. But if I were really you, I wouldn’t want to skip it either.

Here goes nothing.


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