Learning to fly, letting go of it all

“It’s time to pick up the pieces, put them back in the box and start a new puzzle.”


It doesn’t matter who they are,

Or how they got this far,

Or who helped them along their way,

You’re enough.


You’re smart enough,

You’re strong enough,

But most importantly, oh my dear,

Let yourself be stubborn, again.

Let yourself be relentless, again.


Be brave, be compassionate and have courage,

Courage to begin anew,

Strength to never say never,

The ability to start wherever you can,

With whatever you can.


You’ve paved ways and roads,

Which laid barren before,

You made it then, you can do that again,

You have got what it takes.


It’s a powerful feeling,

Having to start again from the bottom,

After seeing the sun rise from the other end,

It’s okay to be scared.

It’s okay.

It is okay.


Now is the time to pick up the pieces again,

To try and understand yourself and this world.

Others might be more accomplished,

They may be way ahead of you,

But that should never make you stop,

Let that instil in you the power

You need to fuel your ambitions.


You’re never too late,

And easy has never really been our style.

Kick your plan into action,

Go live the life you always dreamed you’ll live.


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