Last year around this time, I was bedridden with a fractured foot but it was still a pleasant Tuesday because I had my classes at Cervantes. I had the chance to smile and laugh my wits out in that 3 hour class. Never a dull moment.

It’s today now, it’s Tuesday today. I’m travelling to college via the metro, sans a fractured foot. But it’s not pleasant. Far from it, it’s hues of misery and depression and perpetual life crisis. My mind swarms with the plethora of possibilities we are exposed to. And I’ve never felt more sick. I’d rather have a fracture, I’d rather deal with physical pain that I know will get better with time.

It’ll be tomorrow soon, it’ll be a Tuesday again next year. There won’t be a college life, but if all goes as per plan, I might have Cervantes again. And frankly that thought excites me more than anything right now. If things go as per what I want, we’ll be wearing our adult pants/pajamas (pajamas for world domination). Tomorrow is scary, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in the worst possible fashion.

These are very different kinds of Tuesdays, and maybe 10 years hence, I’ll appreciate today’s Tuesday more than yesterday’s Tuesday. All of these Tuesdays will potentially change me, transform me. Who knows which one I grow up to love more?


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