Life of an Intern: First day in office!

Nervous. I was shit nervous on my first day at office. Even when I was trying to walk in heels, I knew I would stumble somewhere. I felt like a disaster waiting to happen.

Here I was, a clumsy college student, dressed professionally, acting professionally. I assumed I would be meeting cunning, scary people, the kind of people who marry their work and who kinda make your work life miserable. EY’s reputation of long working hours had effectively scared me. And I am a tough cookie to scare.

Who was I to know that office and my colleagues would the most chilled out people on earth? Not in a bad way, though. I realised it only later on, that it was okay to let your hair down and act your own age. Most people who are working here are hardly more than 5 years elder to me, and even otherwise, I couldn’t have asked for a better working atmosphere than the one I got.

On my first day, we were inducted to this culture. We had a few sessions where we interacted with others, new hires and full timers. The good part  about my induction was that I got to meet people with varied backgrounds and work experiences. I was maybe the youngest person in the room. I met people from Advisory, from Knowledge and other service lines. They all had such awesome stories to share about their past! I lunched with some cool MBA grads who were more than keen to share their life stories with me. I felt humbled, truly. Here I was, in a swanky office eating with people who had done so much more in their lives than me. And I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. I pledged to prove my worth and to try to match the abilities and skills of these seniors.

After a few sessions with the HR and Tech team, I was fully at ease. In one such session, I talked about my love for New York based sitcoms, and my insane love for travelling and reading. I was glad nobody hushed me and told me to zip it. I did however end up doing awkward things, but nothing that I couldn’t handle with a smile plastered on my face. I was here for an adventure, and who knew my first day would turn out to be an on-point new experience. I asked for an adventure, and I got one!

I missed my cab. Let me rephrase, I wasn’t allotted a cab. A huge administrative issue. I am not going to dwell in the specifics, the gist being: I was stranded in EY’s UIS office with no ride to drop me home. The three of us from Assurance were made to take a shuttle back to the DLF office and take the 7:00 pm cab from there. I am telling you, the ride between these offices, and the thrill of managing a crisis (yes, it was a crisis!) all on my own, it was a new experience. I wasn’t dependent on my father to come pick me up. I could finally handle stuff, and feel like I could actually accomplish something tangible.

When I laid myself to sleep that night, I knew whatever adventures EY would throw my way, I was ready. And here began the journey of a college student in one of the most prestigious companies, globally. I had worked for it, and finally I had the opportunity to do something different, to build a career, to learn something productive. And the way my first day went, I knew, I was more than ready to seize this opportunity! I had managed to get my foot inside the door, and it was time to make the most of it!

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