Dear 16 year old me

Dear 16 year old me,

I know you’re pretty ecstatic about class 11 right now, what with the Farewell preparations in full swing. You managed a pretty nice score in 10th, so congratulations for that. Don’t be too focused on that, though. I hope you could learn more than you had to cram.

I am aware you just chose commerce as your stream for the next two years. And I know you still have doubts in your head and you’re solely relying on your gut. Keeping everything else constant, you’re on the right track. Just thought I should let you know this, so that’s one thing off the stress list. Really though, stop making those lists.

Your last two years at this school are going to be equal parts fabulous and abysmal. Don’t fret. There will be a lot of lessons to learn, as well. You’ll meet some amazing people and do some pretty embarrassing stuff (if you hear anything about a competition at GD Goenka, shut your ears and take an about turn).

There are a few things you could do to avoid me some trouble. You could start blogging and writing more. Trust me, it’s more therapeutic than watching TV. Sorry but you do not turn into the prettiest girl of your batch, but you build up an amazing personality. You talk more fluently and calmly, you write better and you meet interesting people. I know all of this seems crazy right now. The new people, the new section, the new teachers and you want to achieve more. Oh, and you will. You’ll continuously worry about your image of a dork, pretty much everywhere. But don’t fret about that too. You’ll soon realize that there are far better things to worry about and plan.

Some really amazing stuff will happen in the coming years for you. But that will only happen when you swim through the bad stuff. So hold tight and hope bright. Oh and you’ll finally be able to drive. Soon. So that’s gotta be something.

You’ll have the most amazing birthday celebration and you’ll want to capture everything in your memory, it’s going to be that good. Just don’t stop visualizing and dreaming.

Your exams will go okay, but it won’t hurt to study more and watch TV less. Not that we like to do that, even now. The heart wants what it wants, right. You’ll also get hooked onto the best TV shows like FRIENDS, Castle and Scandal. Try not to get too swayed by the bright lights and cityscapes. We are still figuring out how to make those dreams come true.

As for your friends, smile extra brightly when you meet everyone. Some will be forgotten, some will be remembered but still far off and some will truly help you out, always. Smile extra wide when you see Ragini/Drishti/Yagya/Rashi/Jigyasa. They will be defining your life for years to come.

Just do not be any more reckless with your heart as you are currently. Do not focus much on the whos who of school. We kinda end up better than them, so. Yeah. Just try and make the small decisions in light of the long term plans so I have less trouble to skate through? Or even otherwise, we survive.

Oh and try to listen to Mamma and Nani more often. You can save me and yourself a lot of pain! Rest assured, don’t stop dreaming!


Sorbeh (Yes they call me that now. You’ll get used to it! )


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