Caged bird

Grasping for life,
Seeking some air,
Is this what trapped feels like?

I can see the sky,
I can feel the sun,
But I am trapped,
Caged in a dungeon.

It lets me see a bit of you all,
It lets me feel freedom for a while,
But then it closes down on me,
And engulfs me completely.

Its black, it’s all black
It’s pitch black and I cant see
If I call out for you ,
Will you come?

Tears dry up in some time,
The pain doesn’t matter much,
Its a part of me, now.

I am used to it now.

But it happens again,
The dungeon opens
And I am allowed to step out,
Would you believe me?

It opens and I step out!

I feel the grass,
I breathe in the crisp air,
I walk, I run,
All on my own!
Are you seeing this?
You won’t believe me!

Inside my heart,
There is dread.
What if they find me and
Take me back again?

So I run, I run so fast,
I can’t see now. All hazy,
All black and white,
So confusing suddenly.

What do I do now?

Oh but before I could think.
They found me.
They drag me back to the dungeon again,
They suffocate me again,
They trod me in the mud now.

I am trapped again.
And this is how I was meant to exist.
Its my fault, I thought
It could be different.

Tears will dry up,
Pain won’t matter.
Give it time,
Give it some time.

Don’t be scared.
This darkness is home,
As it should be.

Fresh tears come again,
But they will dry up,
They won’t matter,
And slowly, the pain will seep in,
It will become a part of you.
It’ll get under your skin

You won’t even feel it,
Just let yourself go numb.

Tears will dry up,
The pain won’t matter.
Give it time,
Give it some time.


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