Stop and Stare.

Where are we all rushing to? What’s at the end of the tunnel? Where are we running? What’s the rush?

So many people are chasing pointless goals and worthless people just so they feel complete. Just so they feel validated. Just so they feel they belong somewhere. So many people are rushing themselves into a future they haven’t really earned yet. Just because you wish to escape your past, it doesn’t mean that you have to fast forward life. You don’t have to take a dive into a future you’re not ready for.

I want to see people living on sweet nothings. I wish to see people stopping in the middle of the street to admire the graffiti on the wall. I want to see people slow down and admire the view. I want to see people actually go on that trip they’ve been saving for, or just staying home and catching up with their favorite TV shows. We are all so busy moving ahead that we have forgotten where we were headed.

I want to see everyone become that person they wanted to be when they were 5 year olds. I want the people to believe that dreams do not have an expiration date. I want people to take a timeout and get to truly know themselves.

I want people to live for coincidences and serendipities. I want them to let their guard down, to go out on a limb and take chances. As my favorite person says, “Honor your preferences, respect your wishes, and follow your heart.”  He always wonders how odd is it that people like to be told what they already know as if being told makes it anymore real.

But mark my words. There are great things to do, people to meet, happydances to perform, continents to cross in mind and matter. And I want people to stop postponing it. Stop living a life you don’t like and start making one you will always treasure.

I need young girls to stop waiting for a Knight in shining armor to rescue them from their distress. I want them to create a life they don’t need rescuing from.

Basically, I want people to create. Create new dreams, wonderful dreams. Forge new relationships, meaningful relationships. And taking your own sweet time while doing it.

There’s no need to run just yet. You have got to walk before you run. Do not be in a rush to settle down yet, or ever. This is your season of becoming and existing. It doesn’t matter how many scars you have till now, or how dreary your past is.

I am a huge sucker for fresh starts. And it’s time to begin again, young ones. It’s time again to conquer the world, one dream at a time.

Slow down, take some time out. Life was never meant to be a race. Do not just exist, live. Take your time with working the rest out.


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