Change is the only constant.

There are two kinds of pain. The pain of staying where you are and the pain of changing and growing up. The first kind of pain is rather difficult to bear, because you always feel stuck in an imaginary time warp. Everything and everyone around you is changing but you neither feel the need nor the strength to do the same. Why I say this pain is dangerous is because you’re almost on the verge of losing hope on every being.

The second kind of pain is a little less daunting. When you begin to finally accept your flaws and you begin covering all possible loopholes in your life, you have already taken the (horrifying) first step. You have accepted the shit that you let take over your life and have taken the decision to not live with it anymore.

What happens after this decision, is a series of steps. As days go by, you develop a new, more positive outlook towards life, you start doing things and tasks that seemed impossible initially. And as you complete your To-Do lists each day, you gradually regain your confidence and your hope.

A wise woman once said, ‘When you are in pain and you want the pain to stop, you don’t have to ask yourself how to make it stop. You only have to ask what the pain came to taught you.’ So when you start asking the right question and figure what the entire fiasco taught you, you have already changed inside.

Yes, there is pain, when you move out of your comfort zone, or do something you’ve never done before but it is a good feeling. Because when you finally lay down to sleep, what you’d feel is excitement, satisfaction and hope. Hope to never let yourself be as vulnerable as before. Hope to always believe. And hope to always achieve.

Embrace this kind of pain. Chuck the pain that only makes you hate your life.
It’s useless and to quote Frank Underwood, “I don’t have the patience for useless things.”

Change is the only constant. Sooner you accept it, sooner the pain and the agitation begins to fade.

Here’s to always believing each day is a fresh start. 🙂

Till next time!


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