Of rambles and rants

Eerily soft, and similar

Passions unmatched,
And recurring dreams,
Stuck in a circle of emotions.

Denying what they feel,
Denying what they think.
Thoughts intersperse,
With no clarity and no insight.

Do they themselves know what they seek
Do they themselves know who they are
Do they themselves know the power,
The magic that their dreams conjure.

Hesitant steps, doubtful visions
But what hope they hold.
Confident steps, and bold decisions,
All in all a hallucination. 

Took their first steps alright, 
Who’s gonna lead them on hence?
Affirmations for the timid,
Rude shocks for the mistaken.

The thunder cracks with a foretelling 
Of homecoming, 
Of who were wronged, of those who were falsified,
Because this is a circle,
This is how it always has been.


Hold back the river

Nights like these, people fight their demons in very different ways. Some wage a war against this enigma, some let the darkness drown them. We recover each morning only to fall down to our knees each night. Waking up becomes the nightmare.